XTZ 750 - replacing starter motor cable

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XTZ 750 - replacing starter motor cable

Post by BRAVO » Sun Aug 05, 2018 12:39 pm

Hi folks,

Has anyone here has had to deal with the removal of the starter motor or the replacement of the starter motor cable ?

My cable was partially cut by the chain, the bike doesn't start and the location of the starter motor doesn't allow much room to wiggle it out and seems to always get stuck and some part, not being possible to take it off entirely.

The service manual seems to suggest it can be done without removing the engine (which would be ridiculous just to remove a cable or starter) but i've notice i'm not the 1st one with this headache.

If someone know how to do this in detail, i'd appreciate some info, since i've tried everything but a hammer.... :-)

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