Xt 600 4PT , Thinking of selling .

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Xt 600 4PT , Thinking of selling .

Post by drumnagorrach » Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:23 pm

2006 reg Xt 600 E , big tank ,currently in use . Strange clatter on light throttle openings ,been like that for the last 3 months ,no effect on power ,just bloody irritating .
Thought I would see if anyone was interested in buying it as it is ,maybe £850 , before I go to the trouble of re building it , I suspect it needs a piston .
My Guzzi is now on the road for summer , I retire in June and don't need a bike to ride to work on next winter ,so rebuilding it would only be to sell it anyway .
Not a rusty mess from the winter ,I had it covered in rocol industrial corrosion protector .
The bike was one of the lot that was imported from Greece and registered as new in 2006 ,covered 50,000 Km and is located in north east Scotland .

Going to fix it , So not for sale at the moment .

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